About Us

Euro-Phoenix specialises in mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance services in Central Europe and other emerging markets. The Euro-Phoenix group of companies, which commenced operations in 1999, is management-owned via a UK-based holding entity, with operating companies in Hungary, Croatia, Romania and other countries. The experience of Euro-Phoenix and its staff covers more than 200 successfully closed transactions.

Our mission is to provide exceptional service and added value to our clients and partners in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and privatisation. Euro-Phoenix combines the best of North American and UK corporate finance know-how with an in-depth knowledge of Central European markets.

One of our main strengths is our ability to initiate and conclude cross-border transactions. We have represented numerous North American, Western European and Asian investors in Central Europe, and local firms who wish to find investors from abroad. There is also a marked trend towards transactions between companies in different Central European countries. Euro-Phoenix is uniquely qualified to carry out cross-border transactions due to our extensive network of thousands of investors and hundreds of international advisors, as well as our vast experience in handling cross-cultural situations. Unlike most other firms in our industry, we are fully independent. We do not invest our own capital into transactions, underwrite, manage investments, trade securities, nor provide audits, which permits us to provide completely objective advice. We are focused solely on advisory activities.

"At Euro-Phoenix we go the extra mile to help ensure your success."

Among our past clients are numerous multinational corporations, the World Bank, International Finance Corporation (IFC), The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), and The United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Euro-Phoenix has assisted dozens of individual shareholders in achieving greater personal wealth and liquidity by selling interests in their companies. Our entrepreneurialism is evident in all our actions: proactively marketing opportunities, creatively matching buyers and sellers of businesses, resourcefully acting as the catalyst for transactions. While Euro-Phoenix has all of the core competencies of a corporate finance firm, we also bring to our clients the benefit of a broader perspective: members of our team have been CEOs of major companies, partners in law or audit firms, or have worked for international institutions such as the World Bank. We believe this helps us better serve the interests of our clients. Euro-Phoenix has the reputation, technical expertise, creativity in deal structuring, local market knowledge, and negotiating ability to be an extremely powerful advocate of your interests. We realise the importance of our services to our clients. At Euro-Phoenix we go the extra mile to help ensure your success. We encourage you to register as a user of our Library, which contains corporate finance resources that are of value to owners and managers of businesses. If you are ready to buy or sell a business or to raise capital, you wish to prepare your business for eventual sale and enhance its value, or to have an indication of the value of your business, or for any corporate finance need anywhere in Central Europe, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. Sincerely, Les Nemethy CEO, Euro-Phoenix

Our Values

Integrity * Client Focus * Excellence * Commitment * Teamwork